Technical Projects

A collection of the projects that I have worked on.

Dashboards, information, and analytics. Up-to-date US pandemic vulnerability heatmap.


HackUCI 2021 Project

January 2021

Vaccelerator is a platform that offers data-driven COVID-19 vaccine distribution insights and information to improve the transparency of the vaccination progress. We wanted a clear and data-driven approach in the vaccine roll-out plan and an easy way for users to be more informed of their vaccination date.

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Solve demo on a randomized scramble. Neural network architecture.

ML Rubik's Cube Solver

Personal Project

August 2020

Can we harness the power of machine learning to solve a Rubik's Cube? Turns out we can! This project implements a deep neural network to learn how to solve any scrambled Rubik's Cube, along with all the infrastructure to generate a dataset to learn from.

GitHub Repository
Simulation demo. Software architecture.

Virtual Ball Pit

Academic Term Project

January 2020 - April 2020

A simple, cross-platform two-dimensional physics simulation for desktop. I thought that it would be a challenge to translate concepts I learned from other classes into code. Not only did this help me gain a deeper understanding of these concepts, but also allowed me to practice fundamental programming patterns.

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